Ecolegno System…
People who know what they’re doing!

More than 20 years of experience in the field of construction, architecture, furniture.

Ecolegno System can boast a remarkable experience in the field of wood carpentry. In particular, it specialises in both private and public wooden constructions .

The strength of Ecolegno System comes from the know-how it has acquired and from the foresight of its owners.

The company looks to the future and offers new and different solutions with an innovative and eco-sustainable product, addressing an increasingly important, demanding and prepared section of the market.

We create wooden houses, wooden structures, wooden chalets, wooden roofs, wooden bridges, wooden sports structures, prefabricated buildings, wooden carpentry, eco-masonry houses… The company’s team provides everything: design, construction, assistance, supply of architectural models, including the turnkey service.

The company works with commitment, professionalism and creativity.
It provides the customer with numerous services, offering qualified skills, timber with certification of origin, selecting the material for the carpentry, laminated, slatted, strips, wood fibre and everything necessary.
In the Ecolegno System proposals, technology and sustainability combine with design.

The processes offer modern solutions, where traditional wooden building evolves towards innovative forms. All the buildings made are energy-saving (class A and A+) in eco-masonry, with great attention to aesthetics.

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