Thanks to a first-rate team, Ecolegno System intervenes and follows every phase of wooden construction. We can take care of the design, construction, implementation, assistance… We ensure professionalism and speed; we make sure that the final product is perfect.



A service highly appreciated by customers is the turnkey service. Product construction management service offered with a team of specialized builders. They carry out the project and ensure the customer a complete service, therefore turnkey, with all the related services.

It is the most practical solution: we take care of everything.

Wooden buildings

• wooden houses
• wooden chalet
• wooden building renovation
• wooden carpentry
• woodworking
• wooden roofs, bridges
• wooden sports structures
• supply of architectural models…


Wooden structures and prefabricated buildings

• wooden structures
• prefabricated in wood
• wooden facades
• laminated wooden structures
• laminated wooden components
• laminated wooden roofs
• prefabricated panels for roofs
• prefabricated panels for walls
• complete building envelopes…

Wooden and eco-masonry structures

• houses and small houses in eco-masonry
• eco-masonry sheds
• eco-sustainable building structures
• wooden roofs, canopies and gazebos
• wooden verandas
• wooden sheds
• wooden/eco-masonry offices
• wooden/eco-masonry walls…