Eco-masonry houses

Starting from the principles of eco-sustainability and energy efficiency, Ecolegno System designs and builds eco-masonry and green building houses. Innovative structures for construction in wood and eco-masonry, houses and sheds in eco-masonry, both for renovations and for new eco-sustainable buildings.



There are many works carried out in the eco-masonry houses and green building construction sectors.

Ecolegno System builds in wood, with eco-masonry and green building solutions, in compliance with high quality standards, in Calabria and throughout Italy.

The construction technique of prefabricated buildings in eco-masonry can offer great advantages from the construction, and therefore the economic, ecological and functional, point of view. Simple walls, roofs and so on can be built, up to and including entire homes and housing solutions, as well as offices and other structures.

The company has therefore taken steps towards sustainable, greener and cleaner construction. It creates: eco-masonry houses, eco-masonry sheds, eco-masonry offices, eco-masonry walls… And still green building houses, green building villas and other buildings and much more. Constructions are available at sustainable prices!

The great versatility of wood, used in building constructions, allows optimised formulas for the design and therefore the construction of wooden canopies, gazebos and verandas. As well as wooden walls for offices, houses or even large buildings (some examples: industrial and commercial warehouses, accommodation facilities, sports facilities…).