Laminated wood processing

Laminated wood (not solid) can also be processed. Wood for large structures, a wood which requires different processing, with a very refined result. Ecolegno System is proud to offer more than twenty years of experience in the sector.


Components and structures in laminated wood

Laminate woodworking, we build components and large structures.

Laminated wood (in addition to solid wood) is a wood which can be useful for large structures, working with specific processing and treatment.
The range of construction projects offered by Ecolegno System is wide. The company offers wooden solutions such as prefabricated floors, laminated wood roofs, stairs, bridges and gazebos, and also the creation of independent houses in class A, A+ eco-masonry.
We also intervene for the renovation of laminated wooden roofs. A process which ensures great aesthetic impact, offering a higher level of warmth and comfort to the rooms.
There are great advantages offered by the construction times, which are optimised, fast, as well as by the high anti-seismic standards which can be obtained with these processes.
For laminated wood processing, for the creation of laminated wood structures, laminated wood components, roofs in laminated wood, the company Ecolegno System of Cittanova, Reggio Calabria, is a guarantee for customers of all kinds. We work for individuals, companies and the public sector.