Wooden houses

Ecolegno System specialises in the construction of wooden houses. It also deals with the construction of bridges, gazebos, stairs and everything which can be created with its technique, such as industrial or commercial warehouses, offices or sports facilities. The company has 20 years of experience and uninterrupted work in the sector in which it operates.



Ecolegno System is a reference point in Calabria and Italy for wooden houses.

With a very competent team, the company deals with the design and construction of prefabricated and non-prefabricated wooden structures, wooden houses, smallhouses, eco-masonry sheds and more.

For over 20 years Ecolegno System has been working continuously in the field of wooden constructions, architecture, furniture and building.

The staff are qualified and constantly updated. They follow every phase of the design and implementation, always intervening with professionalism and speed, making sure that the final product is perfect.

In the field of construction of wooden houses and various wooden structures, Ecolegno System has managed to establish itself by offering innovation. In other words, by offering new responses to the requests and needs of customers, who are increasingly looking for more sustainable, ecological and clean buildings.

Starting from these principles, nowadays the Calabrian company’s production has largely focused on the construction of prefabricated wooden buildings, facades, structures and components in laminated wood, roofing and every element useful for the construction of houses, cottages, wooden chalets.