There are numerous woodworkings made by Ecolegno System, for the architecture, furniture and building sectors in general. These include wooden roofs, wooden bridges, wooden sports structures, industrial and commercial warehouses…



State-of-the-art construction of wooden roofs, wooden bridges and sports structures.

With the support and expertise of qualified and experienced staff, Ecolegno System deals with woodworking and projects for the construction of all types of wooden structures.

Processing and creation with the use of laminated wood components, prefabricated panels for roofs and walls, and also complete building envelopes. We can create any type of housing module, or even intervene for the construction of offices and warehouses.

The product construction management service is available to customers, such as individuals, companies and the public sector. Thanks to a team of specialised builders, the project is carried out and they ensure the customer a complete turnkey service with all the related services.

The construction of prefabricated wooden buildings, wooden roofs, wooden bridges, wooden sports structures, is carried out with solutions which allow the reduction of construction times and energy savings (thanks to excellent thermal and acoustic insulation).